請問有人聽過 PWA(Progressive Web Apps)嗎?對未來網頁和 APP 開發會有什麼影響嗎?或有現行範例嗎?我查了一下還是看不太懂:sweat_smile:

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a type of web application that leverage modern web technologies to provide a more app-like experience to users. They are designed to work across various platforms and devices, offering a responsive and engaging user experience. Here are some key features and characteristics of Progressive Web Apps:

  1. Progressive Enhancement: PWAs are built with a progressive enhancement approach, meaning they should work for all users, regardless of the browser or device they are using. They take advantage of the latest web capabilities while ensuring basic functionality for users with older browsers.
  2. Responsive Design: PWAs are designed to be responsive and adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, providing a consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  3. App-Like Experience: PWAs aim to deliver an app-like experience, including features like smooth animations, gestures, and transitions. They can be launched from the home screen, similar to native mobile apps, without the need for installation from an app store.
  4. Service Workers: Service workers are a key component of PWAs. They are JavaScript files that run in the background and enable features like offline functionality, push notifications, and background synchronization. This allows PWAs to work even when the user is not connected to the internet.
  5. Offline Functionality: Thanks to service workers, PWAs can cache essential resources, making it possible for users to access the app even in offline or low-connectivity situations. This is particularly beneficial for users in areas with unreliable internet access.
  6. Secure (HTTPS): PWAs require a secure connection (HTTPS) to ensure the integrity and security of the app and its interactions with the user.
  7. Discoverability: PWAs are discoverable by search engines, making them easier to find and share. They can be indexed by search engines, improving their visibility in search results.
  8. No App Store Dependency: Unlike traditional mobile apps, PWAs don’t need to be distributed through app stores. Users can access them directly through a web browser, simplifying the distribution process.
  9. Cross-Browser Compatibility: PWAs are built to work across different browsers, reducing the need for browser-specific development.

Overall, Progressive Web Apps combine the best features of web and mobile applications, providing a seamless and engaging user experience while maintaining the accessibility and discoverability of web content.

我不是網頁開發者,但我是 App 開發者,我試著從 App 開發者的角度,來回答這個問題。

PWA 是把網站變成 App 的一種方式

如果你的網站支援 PWA,就可以從瀏覽器直接下載 App,個人電腦(如附圖,以 StudyCamp 論壇為例)、手機、平板都可以(後兩者請參考最下方連結)。

之後只要在裝置(個人電腦、手機、平板)上點擊 PWA 的 Icon,就可以直接執行。

它的原理很簡單,就是遵循一定的規則,然後瀏覽器就幫你包裝成一個 App,但其實就是另一種外觀的瀏覽器,有著固定的首頁(你的網站)。


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