Pydantic:Python 最有用的通用函式庫之一

說明:本文為 Fred 老師對之前註冊過他課程的學生,所寄送的 email 內容。

Hello everyone,


I am pleased to announce the recent release of a new course on Udemy.

很高興宣布我最近在 Udemy 發布的一門新課程。

The course is on the extremely useful and versatile Pydantic (V2.x) library.

課程主題是極為實用且多功能的 Pydantic(V2.x)函式庫。

Although Pydantic is often perceived as something used for developing REST APIs (such as with FastAPI), it is in fact a generalized data modeling, parsing, and validation library with a ton of uses well beyond just REST APIs.

儘管 Pydantic 往往被視為用於開發 REST API(例如 FastAPI),實際上它是一個通用的資料建模、解析和驗證的函式庫,其用途遠遠超出了 REST API 的範圍。

In my opinion it is one of the most useful general-purpose libraries for Python software engineers.

在我看來,它是 Python 軟體工程師最有用的通用函式庫之一。

If you do any substantial amount of data validation, data modeling, parsing, and deserialization/serialization, then Pydantic is a must-have library in your toolkit!

如果你需要進行大量的資料驗證、資料建模、解析以及反序列化/序列化,那麼 Pydantic 就是你工具包中必備的函式庫!

I have used Pydantic on a daily basis for many years now, for applications ranging from handling queue messages (e.g. SQS, ElasticMQ, RabbitMQ), database JSON fields (e.g. Redis, DynamoDB, ClickHouse), to implementing validation for plain Python functions, and yes, FastAPI.

過去幾年我每天都在使用 Pydantic,應用範圍從處理佇列訊息(例如 SQS、ElasticMQ、RabbitMQ),數據庫 JSON 欄位(例如 Redis、DynamoDB、ClickHouse)到實作一般 Python 函式的驗證,當然還有 FastAPI。

It took me many years of working actively with this library to fully understand it, leverage it, and use it correctly and effectively. My aim with this course is to save you this time and effort, and provide you a simpler and faster route to achieving the same level of expertise.


If you are interested in learning or deepening your understanding of Pydantic, here is a discounted coupon (as low as Udemy permits me!) for this course - but hurry, these coupons are only valid 5 days:

如果你有興趣學習,或深入了解 Pydantic,以下是 Udemy 最惠國待遇的折價優惠碼,5 天內有效:

Pydantic V2: Essentials
類別:Development > Programming Languages ║ 內容:13.5 hours ║ 原價:NT$670
建立:2023-12-07 ║ 更新:None ║ 註冊:193人 ║ 語言:English ║ 字幕:有 ║ 評分:0.00 (0人)

Note: This not a beginner course. You must already be a fully proficient Python developer looking to add this useful library to your software engineering toolkit.

提醒:這不是一門初學者課程。你必須已經是一名完全熟練的 Python 開發人員,希望將這套實用的函式庫,加到你的軟體工程工具包中。


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